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Visit the Points Studio. to enhance your search listing and grab user attention! Change your site's description color, add your logo, and more! You can also buy keywords to secure your site at the very top of the page in a bold highlighted box.

Elite Points: Your Ticket to the Top
Elite Points are the exclusive currency of Elite Webmasters.
The more points you have, the higher your site appears on search results screens.
Activate the Elite Site Seal and take advantage of TrueTrak technology to earn points per visitor.
Use your Elite Points to buy or sponsor keywords. Visit the Points Studio to make your listing stand out.
2 Great Ways To Get Elite Points!
Buy Elite Points
Purchase blocks of Elite Points and have them
added to your account immediately. Use any major
credit card to get the Elite Points you need.
Buy more points and save money!
350 Elite Points $6.99
700 Elite Points $13.50
1,050 Elite Points $18.99
1,400 Elite Points $24.99
1,750 Elite Points $29.99
2,100 Elite Points $34.99
3,000 Elite Points $44.99
4,000 Elite Points $50.99
5,000 Elite Points $54.99
All transactions take place in an secure
environment. At Eliteweb, your privacy and
security are our top priorities.
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To Purchase Elite Points
Proudly Display Your Elite Status

Display the Elite Site Seal and let your visitors know you're among the very best of the web.
The Seal also activates TrueTrak Technology,
so you earn one Elite Point for each unique visitor on your site. Rake up the points and propel your site to the top of the search results screens.

Elite Seal
More Info
Current Status: Not Active
You also get 50 Elite Points per week
just for displaying the Seal
Get The Seal
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